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Wenzel Towing is more than just a towing company to haul away wreckage; we are your neighborhood roadside assistance program, your parking lot enforcers and recovery experts. Click on a link below for more information about any of our services.

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Wenzel Towing is a small family owned business in Dubuque, Ia that originated in 1979 when Jules Wenzel Sr., also known as “The Agitator” started his dream company. From a little shop in an alley on 1st street in downtown Dubuque, where Jules SR started fro scratch and spent endless hours to grow his business, Jules SR. was a very dedicated man who took pride in his trucks and challenging dilemmas that this business threw at him. He grew into a bigger building at 275 Salina St and then over years of growth moved to his last location of 3197 Hughes Ct where the business remains today. Jules St. was very dedicated to his customers and whether they liked him or not he was still there to help them the same which made him very proud of the dedication he had to his customers and his “stand out” equipment. Since the passing of Jules Sr. in 2011, the business has changed ownership to another “family” that has the same work ethics that Jules Sr. had. Their main goal is to make Jules Sr. proud of the business he started and to continue the dream he always had. They have preserved his last “Big Wrecker” and have added several trucks to their fleet to keep up with the demand of the growing company. The most important thing aspect of Wenzel Towing that will stand the test of time is the excellent customer service for customers past, present or future by responding to their needs in a timely professional manner. They will do what it takes to keep the “legend” alive.

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At Wenzel Towing we strive to continue the philosophy of Jules Wenzel Sr. the founder of this company by always putting the customer first. The only way we can thrive as a community is when we provide the best customer service possible. We are more than just your towing company, we are family.


“This business can only thrive if we make a point to put the needs of our customers first and provide them with the best possible service we can provide.” Jules Wenzel Sr. – WENZEL TOWING FOUNDER


Offering various types of towing services, roadside assistance, recovery, and impounds.


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